AGENA is an Energy Agency created in 2004 under the SAVE programme of Intelligent Energy Europe. It works in all areas of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies in the Province of Teramo.

AG.EN.A S.c.r.l. is the agency of energy and the environment of the Province of Teramo. Its main aim is to promote the rational use of energy and the exploitation of renewable energy sources within a framework of sustainable development.

AG.EN.A has been founded by the Administrative Board of the Province of Teramo with the financial support of the EU SAVE II programme. The agency offers several services to public and private organisations, technical operators and targeted groups, on energy and environmental topics.

The main activities of the agency are:

• Energy planning;
• Valorisation of local energy sources;
• Studies for the exploitation of renewable sources;
• Environmental impact studies and environmental assessment reports;
• European Projects;
• Inspection in Teramo Province of gas boiler heating system;
• Training and communication measures for targeted groups.