SunValley is a not-for-profit NGO based in Mures, Romania, specialising in environmental consultancy and renewable energy applications.

We promote the use of energies from renewable sources as a main way to reduce the greenhouse effect and to limit the climate change. We want to help peoples protecting their natural clean world.

Founding members of the Association "Sun Valley" are specialists in areas covering both organizational needs and functional needs of the association as energy, water, engineering technology, medicine, consumer, chemicals, computer hardware and software, etc...

In a changing society and technological development of each individual is entitled to receive a maximum of information to avoid marginalization or even breaking its technology community. We focus on increasing awareness of individual and community acceptance of these policies through the inclusion and participation of individuals and groups at risk of being marginalized, including local dissemination of information about the consequences of adopting the acquis communautaire by informing and educating individuals and communities.