Severočeské sdružení obcí - SESO
czech republic
The Regional Energy Agency of the Usti Region is a unit of the Northern Bohemia Municipalities Association (SESO), a non-profit organization, based in Usti nad Labem, in the Czech Republic. The Agency was established in 2002 and since 2003 it is being supported by the Czech Energy Agency through a special grant scheme for the development of a network of regional energy agencies in the Czech Republic. Its mission is to support energy stakeholders in the Usti region in saving energy and using renewables mainly through generating and implementing the energy focused projects in accordance with the European Commission’s initiatives, the National Energy Efficiency Programme, the State Energy Policy and the Governmental Programme of Energy Savings Support and Usage of Renewables and Secondary Energy Sources, with respect to regional and energy policy priorities and the protection of the environment in the Usti Region. 

The Northern Bohemia Municipalities Association (SESO) was established in 1992. Its mission is to assist the member municipalities in the information exchange and coordination of joint actions. In the area of legislation and access to information, SESO aims at initiating legislative changes based on the needs of the municipalities, ensuring the information on funding opportunities, and providing access to expert assistance like e.g. training in public administration. SESO also develops and implements its own projects, one of the historical primary objective areas of interest is the environmental protection in the region, the association carried out successful projects in area of waste management and environmental education, e.g the project of Development of the Regional Program of Waste Management of Usti region and Program of environmental education for municipal representatives.