Excma. Diputación de Huelva (España)


The Diputación of Huelva is responsible for 79 Muncipalities in its Province. It is the provincial government for Huelva in southern Spain, in the western part of the autonomous community of Andalusia.  Its population is 483,792 (2005), of whom about 30% live in the capital.


Diputación de Huelva is highly committed to environmental sustainability and combating  Climate Change,  in line with the 20-20-20 targets of the EU, and even to go beyond them. This commitment is reflected in 78 out of the 79 municipalities signing the Covenant of Mayors in the province. This means that Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP) will be developed throughout the region, and that real actions will be both planned and required to fulfil all the commitments. The Diputación will  assist, through its staff and resources, their municipalities to achieve this.


Diputación de Huelva, is currently undertaking other European climate-related projects, including Energy21, Retaler, RuralRES, WICO and ITACA.


Its commitment to promote the fight against Global Warming is demonstrated in the organization, in cooperation with DG TREN of the 1st European Conference for the Promotion of Local Actions to Combat Climate Change, to take place on 23, 24, 25 September  (