Planned Activities

  • To develop a Guide of 15 Good Practices for mini-wind installations and 15 Good Practices of mini-hydro installations across the EU27.
  • To develop a set of 6 maps, one for each territory of mini-hydro and mini-wind installations in operation, disuse and places with unexploited potential, in GIS or equivalent.
  • A report on prefeasibility studies carried out in each territory for both mini-wind and mini-hydro. Each partner will investigate 3 to 8 sites for each technology, depending on resources.
  • To set up agreements for full feasibility studies in the case of mini-hydro and installations in the case of mini-wind.
  • To develop mini-wind and mini-hydro training packages.
  • Agreements with training centres to include RuralRES documents in the training syllabus as well as a database of 500 representatives of educational and training centres (75 per country)